Diamond Solitaire Engagement Rings – Buys a Great Diamond

For several decades, Serli And Siroan have been creating Italian designer jewelry and accessories. From earrings to necklaces, rings to pendants, there are many designs from this particular brand. One of the most popular styles is that of the “Serli Angelina”. The “Angelina” is made in sterling silver and has a smooth sterling silver accent. It has a bezel setting with birthstone details on all sides.

Serli and Siroan

Other styles include “Sarla Margarit”, which has a large round diamond solitaire in an intricately crafted antique gold. The birthstone is also handcrafted on the ring’s corners, giving it a detailed and unique charm. There are also diamond solitaire engagement rings from Serli And Siroan. This particular diamond is handcrafted, giving it a detailed quality that is not common among diamond solitaires. This diamond solitaire engagement rings also includes the popular birthstone.

For those who want to add more sparkle to their diamond solitaire engagement rings, there is the “Sarla Delicate”. This style has a light pinkish lavender color. It has a very intricate and delicate bezel setting, which is surrounded by large prongs. These prongs can be used to pin the diamond onto the band. Because of the prong setting, there are fewer chances of chipping or losing the stone.

Serli and Siroan

There are several other gemstones available from Serli And Siroan. Some gems are more popular than others, such as the “Cavalli Booster”. This stone features a yellow gold finish and a pink center. Another popular gemstone from this brand is the “Diawa marquise”. This particular diamond solitaire engagement rings has a vivid blue-green color to it and is one of the most brilliant and colorful diamonds.

Some of the diamond solitaire engagement rings have been known to have a lower price than others. For those couples on a budget, there is the “Celestra Blue”. The diamond solitaire engagement rings with this gemstone have a medium pink color and it has a moderately high clarity score. It is one of the most affordable diamond solitaire engagement rings that you can find.

With diamond solitaire engagement rings, you are sure to get many years of pleasure from your investment. You will not have to worry about changing rings for the year. There is the option to customize your solitaire engagement rings. You have the option to add a unique engraving if you so desire. You have nothing to lose!


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